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tournee 2018

20.4. Naked in the zoo @Ziegrastr. 11, 12057 Berlin Start: 9 pm

1st Record releaseparty by Electric Anthillman

Mind Kiosk

Naked in the zoo
We are> naked in the zoo < , poetry carved into stone, holes cut into the borders that surround our bodies and our consciousness, strong and sensitive, unpredictable. More than ever, in the age of permanent snapshots, we are aware that, like animals, we are much more naked in the zoo - in the spotlight - in the cities, than in nature. If you desired to open a drawer and put us inside, you could call it art brut. surrealistic. noise. concrete music.
Teresa Riemann - drums + voice
Ruben Tenenbaum - violin (amplified)

Stefano Meucci


& Electric Anthillan themselves
Electric Anthillman is a nervous flickering band who play fast weird disco-­‐funk-new wave from outer space. In late 1970ties some members danced in Jane Fonda’s fitness-­movies. A untenable statement? If you see the live set, you will believe it.
Rieko Okuda – steam-micro-korg + kiai-vocals
Antti Virtaranta – snakestring-e-bass + opera-vocals
Frank Szardenings – egg-cutter-e-guitar + wiggle-vocals
Peter Schlewinski – marching-funk-drums + complaining-vocals